Santa Maria, California – The world’s first solar-power enhanced, fast-charge electric car charging corridor is planned between San Francisco and Los Angeles, allowing all-electric cars to make the trip using solar energy.

SolarCity and Rabobank announced a partnership to create the corridor, which would include four locations at Salinas, Atascadero, Santa Maria and Goleta. Built in cooperation with electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors, and owned and operated by SolarCity, the corridor will provide a full charge in one-third the amount of time of other charging stations. Rabobank has branches along the high-traffic Highway 101, close to shops, restaurants and other commercial centres, making them ideal locations for charging stations.

SolarCity has installed more than 100 solar home charging stations for Tesla owners, and through its acquisition of SolSource Energy, has assumed a distribution contract for electric vehicle chargers for Toyota Tsusho.

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