New York, New York – A new hydrogen refuelling centre has opened in the Bronx in New York City, the third to be opened by General Motors, Shell Hydrogen and the Department of Sanitation in New York (DSNY) in conjunction with GM’s Project Driveway hydrogen initiative.

It is the third station opened by the three partners, along with a station in White Plains and one at JFK International Airport on Long Island. The cluster of stations makes it easier to refuel vehicles in Project Driveway, a large-scale deployment of 100 Chevrolet Equinox fuel cell vehicles for real-world testing.

“In many ways, this cluster of stations represents what is needed on a wider scale to make hydrogen-powered vehicles viable as alternative transportation in this country,” said Charles Freese, GM executive director of fuel cell activities.

For the next six months, DSNY officials will be driving one of the Equinox vehicles. General Motors has said it is working on a second-generation fuel cell that is 99 kg lighter and about half the size of the system currently used. The company said the system could be ready for use in a vehicle in the 2015 time frame, but no production program has been announced.

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