Toronto, Ontario – Properly-inflated tires should be a priority for every motorist hitting Canada’s highways this summer, according to the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC). Motorists who ensure their tires have the correct pressure can expect to save about two weeks’ worth of fuel annually, and will benefit from the safe performance tire makers design into their products.

Under-inflated tires create increased rolling resistance, which increases fuel use.

In a recent study commissioned by the RAC, 49 per cent of all Canadian motorists are driving on at least one tire that is under- or over-inflated. Worse, one in ten Canadian drivers has one or more tires severely under-inflated by 20 per cent or more, creating a potentially hazardous condition. Only 30 per cent of Canadian drivers measure their tire pressures each month.

“Properly-inflated tires deliver the exceptional performance that tire makers want every consumer to have,” said Glenn Maidment, president of RAC. “Drivers need to know that improperly-inflated tires increase stopping distance, lessen vehicle stability, particular when cornering, waste fuel, and shorten tire life. All it takes to avoid this is a reliable tire gauge and five minutes each month to measure and, if necessary, adjust your tire pressures.”

To find out more about tire pressures, and how to accurately check yours, visit Be Tire Smart.

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