Toronto, Ontario – The Retire Your Ride program, which encourages Canadians to scrap older vehicles in return for incentives, will be advertised through a new campaign on transit systems in at least 65 communities across the country.

“Trade in your old car and choose public transit, the eco-friendly alternative,” said Charles Stolte, chairman of the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA). “Our new awareness campaign links clean air, public transit and Canada’s vehicle scrappage program, Retire Your Ride.”

The program offers incentive rewards to Canadians who retire their 1995 or older model vehicles, which are 19 times more polluting than 2004 and newer model years. The choice and value of the rewards varies by province, starting at $300 cash. To see incentives in your area, visit RetireYourRide.

“Currently, free monthly bus passes are a reward option in twenty-nine communities, and the list of communities is growing,” said CUTA president and CEO Michael Roschlau. “Where not offered, you can simply purchase transit passes via the cash reward option.”

The federal government has committed $92 million over four years to the Retire Your Ride program. It is delivered in all ten provinces by Summerhill Impact, formerly the Clean Air Foundation, through a network of not-for-profit organizations. In 2009, more than 55,000 vehicles were registered under the program.

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