20101026171449_01sHong Kong – A new commercial vehicle air conditioning unit powered by the sun has been successfully developed by researchers at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Working in collaboration with industry partners, the researchers have completed a series of tests on the road.

The system was developed by Professor Eric Cheng of PolyU’s Department of Electrical Engineering together with Green Power Industrial. With the support of Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong, the system has been installed on top of a beverage truck and has proved itself in everyday use.

The top of the truck contains a solar energy panel made up of photovoltaic modules, which automatically collect solar energy and store it in a specially-made battery system supported by an optimized control system. The power collected will support a stand-alone electric air conditioner, which can be switched on when the car engine is not running. The system will work even on cloudy or rainy days, because solar energy is automatically stored in the battery during sunny weather.

PolyU and its partners plan to explore further use of the system in Hong Kong.

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