Quebec, Quebec – Quebec car owners will be able to share their vehicles with other drivers under a new program that will go into testing shortly. Communauto will test Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing (P2P), which will allow car owners to share their vehicles by making them available to Communauto subscribers.

In exchange, participating car owners will be paid a daily fee, as well as a fee per kilometre travelled by Communauto subscribers. The payments could entirely cover the monthly costs of the vehicle, the company said, and owners will be adequately covered for crashes while their insurance premiums remain unaffected.

Communauto will finalize the remaining feasibility details and will launch a pilot project at the end of summer 2010, in collaboration with La Capitale General Insurance.

“An average car is on the road for less than five per cent of the time,” said Benoît Robert, CEO of Communauto. “With P2P, we will enable car owners to make their car ownership profitable, all while helping their community. P2P will allow us to reduce the number of vehicles on the road while improving the availability of this type of transportation.”

The vehicles will be added to the network of self-service cars already available to subscribers.

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