Quebec City, Quebec – Composite and metal products manufacturer Sigma Industries Inc. of Quebec City has announced the development of a new, “green” concept in body shell technology for urban transit buses. The patented shell, marketed as the Hybrid Composite Bus Body, will be officially introduced at the American Public Transportation Association meeting this October. It is aimed mainly at the emerging hybrid electric drive market for city and over-the-road buses.

The composite shell is 20 per cent lighter than conventional metal bodies, or nearly three tons less, which will significantly enhance fuel efficiency as well as resist corrosion. While marketed for hybrid buses, it can also be used for conventional diesel-engine vehicles.

The body is constructed of modules that are bonded together, which does not restrict body length by the size of the mould. This allows Sigma to customize the body to match market requirements for style, length and interior finishes. The bodies are comprised of bio-resins that can be disassembled for end-of-life disposal.

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