Oak Park, Michigan – Purolator has ordered 600 hybrid delivery vehicles from Azure Dynamics, marking that company’s largest single order for hybrid electric technology. The vehicles will be deployed in Purolator locations across Canada.

The first shipment of 200 units will be delivered in 2011, with an additional 200 units scheduled in both 2012 and 2013, subject to annual authorizations by the courier company.

“Purolator continues to be our largest volume customer and consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment by adding cleaner, ‘greener’ Azure vehicles to its fleet,” said Scott Harrison, CEO of Azure. “As a result of our long and mutually beneficial relationship with Purolator, our Balance Hybrid Electric volume has consistently increased, allowing us to reduce internal costs, refine our processes and implement product upgrades. Meanwhile, Purolator’s proactive fleet managers have been able to substantially reduce tailpipe emissions, operating costs and improve overall efficiency of their fleet. This relationship is a manifestation of what will ultimately drive hybrid electric and electric powertrain market share increases.”

In 2005, Purolator was the first express transportation company in Canada to introduce hybrid electric vehicles. The Azure Balance vehicles are integrated on a Ford E450 chassis with Ford 5.4-litre gasoline engine and Azure’s hybrid electric drivetrain.

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