San Jose, California – Three Prius plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV) have gone into service with California’s Silicon Valley Leadership Group as Toyota Motor Sales USA launches its U.S. plug-in demonstration program.

The Leadership Group is the first demonstration program partner to receive vehicles. A total of 150 PHVs will be delivered to demonstration program partners across the U.S. as part of a global program to demonstrate plug-in hybrid technology, educate and inform the public, and capture real-world driving data.

Based on the third-generation Prius, the PHV uses high-output lithium-ion batteries to offer an expanded, fully-electric driving mode. The Prius PHV can be recharged in approximately three hours from a standard 110-volt electrical outlet, or in half that time with a 220-volt charger.

A total of 600 Prius PHVs will be deployed globally, including the 150 in the U.S. Later this summer, 30 additional demonstration vehicles will be assigned to Silicon Valley groups and companies, including the University of California.

The Leadership Group will gather Prius PHV driving data for 18 months. Two vehicles will be driven by staff, with one vehicle rotated among member companies every six weeks.

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