Quebec, Quebec – Toyota Canada has delivered a Prius Plug-In Hybrid (PHV)to its partners in Quebec for long-term testing.

The vehicle will be shared by Natural Resources, Université Laval, and Hydro Quebec. The partners will share the data collected by the Prius PHV, which will be fitted with telematics equipment to record vehicle and hybrid system performance.

“Today, I am proud to help welcome the first Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid to Quebec,” said Nathalie Normandeau, Quebec Deputy Premier and Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife. “We intend to become an international leader in the field of electric vehicles by creating a climate that will help them flourish throughout the province. I am pleased that Toyota Canada chose Université Laval to spearhead its research project, which will benefit all of Quebec. This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire knowledge and expertise that will strengthen our ties with the industry and enhance Quebec’s reputation as a leader in sustainable development.”

Canada has been selected as one of the participating country for Toyota’s global test of the Prius PHV. Five vehicles will be placed with 15 trial partners in four provinces in the first phase of a nationwide trial that will continue into the winter.

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