Waterloo, Ontario – An Ontario company has announced that it has successfully produced significant amounts of renewable gasoline and diesel from biomass at its research facility. Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation said that the fuel was produced through a novel, two-stage upgrading process of BioOil, a primary liquid fuel.

The process involves producing BioOil from lignocellulosic biomass, then hydro-reforming it to a Stage 1 gasoline-oil equivalent liquid fuel that can either be directly used in blends with hydrocarbon fuels for industrial stationary power and heating, or be further upgraded to transportation-grade gasoline or diesel in a Stage 2 hydrotreating process.

The major byproduct from the process is Biochar, which has emerging value for soil productivity enhancement and carbon sequestration. The company markets it under the trade name CQuest.

Based on initial test and analysis, the company currently estimates that it can deliver advanced, second-generation fuels from biomass at a cost of less than $2.00 per gallon of ethanol-equivalent fuel, in facilities processing about 70,000 tonnes of biomass per year.

Dynamotive said that its yield of gasoline/diesel from BioOil through the Stage 2 upgrading process has been 37 per cent at bench-scale, with a net overall yield from whole biomass to diesel/gasoline at approximately 25 per cent. The company said that, to its knowledge, this is the highest ever reported.

Dynamotive’s technology is now in its fifth generation, and has been underway since 1995.

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