Saint-Eustache, Quebec – Quebec’s Nova Bus has announced a new city bus that it said is ready to comply with 2010 environmental standards and can operate with new-generation “green” propulsion systems.

The vehicle, from the Nova LFS product line, has been extensively reviewed and developed over the course of recent years, and constitutes a major breakthrough for Nova Bus and its clients.

In addition to improvements to styling, passenger flow, access to components and durability, the bus has been designed to operate with the new clean diesel or hybrid propulsion systems that meet the U.S. EPA 2010 emissions standards. Starting in early 2010, these ultra-low-emission drive systems will be part of all new vehicles manufactured by Nova Bus.

As the regulations require nearly zero emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particles, the bus will produce 20 times less NOx emissions than a 1998 model.

Nova Bus will deliver nearly 700 of the vehicles by the end of 2009 to its Canadian clients, and almost 140 diesel-electric hybrid buses to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

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