Rolle, Switzerland – The Renault-Nissan Alliance has announced an initiative to launch a zero-emission taxicab fleet in London. The automaker will partner with Greentomatocars on the Partnership for Zero Emission Mobility to launch full electric transport in London.

Under the partnership, the two will study ways to promote the use of electric vehicles (EVs) and help establish a comprehensive charging network in the city. The partnership’s memorandum of understanding will define the terms and conditions under which the Alliance will supply electric vehicles to Greentomatocars to use in its fleet.

Greentomatocars, based in London, is a private car hire service that uses the “greenest” cars available on the market. It currently operates a fleet of hybrid vehicles.

“Hybrid cars are currently the best solution when looking for low-emission urban transport, but as soon as a serious zero-emission alternative appears, we aim to be first in the queue to operate those cars,” said Greentomatocar director Jonny Goldstone. “The Alliance EV program seems to tick all the right boxes.”

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