Nissan Fuel Cell X-Trail
Nissan Fuel Cell X-Trail. Click image to enlarge

Sacramento, California – Nissan North America has leased an X-Trail Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) to Sacramento Coca-Cola Bottling in California, the company’s first commercial FCV lease in North America. The Coca-Cola lease is for one year, with an option for an additional two years.

“Sacramento already has the beginning of a hydrogen infrastructure in place, and Sacramento Coca-Cola has a track record of utilizing low-emissions cars, so the two companies share a ‘green’ philosophy as well as a common love of things ‘zero,'” said Eric Noziere, vice-president of corporate planning at Nissan North America.

The X-Trail FCV will be used by the bottler for sales calls and public events in the Sacramento area in promotion for Coca-Cola. The vehicle contains a Nissan-developed compact fuel cell stack, compact lithium-ion battery, and high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinder. Performance is close to that of a similarly-sized internal combustion engine-based vehicle. Versions of this generation X-Trail FCV are capable of speeds in excess of 152 km/h, with a cruising range of up to 482 km. 

In addition to the current-generation X-Trail FCV, Nissan announced testing of a next-generation fuel cell stack earlier this year. The new stack is 25 per cent smaller than the current model and will be less expensive to build. Nissan North America recently opened a new Fuel Cell Laboratory at its technical centre in Michigan, which will support other global Nissan research centres and will work with suppliers and universities on various related fuel cell projects.

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