Mississauga, Ontario – The all-electric Nissan Leaf will be eligible for the maximum incentive of $8,500 in Ontario, as announced by the Transportation Minister. The incentives are designed to promote electric vehicles in the province.

The incentives will range between $5,000 and $8,500, depending on the size of battery the vehicle uses, with a 24 kwh battery eligible for the full amount.

“We are extremely pleased the Province of Ontario has taken this important step to promote zero-emission mobility and solidifying its commitment to a greener Ontario,” said Mark McDade, director of marketing with Nissan Canada. “As manufacturers ramp up production of electric vehicles, incentives like this are an important way to ensure they can compete with traditional internal combustion engine vehicles that already have the cost benefits of mass production.”

The Leaf will be available in the U.S., Japan and parts of Europe later this year, and will arrive in parts of Canada by the end of 2011. Mass marketing of the Leaf will begin in 2o12.

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