Yokohama, Japan – Nissan has delivered 220 Leaf models to rental car companies in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, to support an eco-tourism project. The Eco-resort Island Okinawa Promotion Project involves various business groups, rental car companies and travel agencies.

Nissan has prepared about 500 Leaf models for rental car use throughout Japan, with 40 per cent of them to be introduced in Okinawa. The Prefecture attracts nearly six million tourists each year and around half of them rent cars to go sightseeing. Nissan said that through its support, the electric vehicles will “create a ripple effect that will resonate its environmental benefit to the rest of the country.”

Related companies in the area have also establish a joint company, Advanced Energy Company, to deploy charging facilities in Okinawa. The company has already built 27 charging facilities in 18 spots in the main island, ready for use by the electric rental cars.

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