Mississauga, Ontario – Nissan has announced it has formed a partnership to explore the development of a zero-emission mobility program in the U.K. The automaker has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with regional development agency One North East.

The four-month program, intended to drive the use of electric vehicles in the U.K., includes a feasibility study into the introduction and manufacture of electric vehicles in the region. Under the terms of the agreement, Nissan and One North East will form working teams to promote zero-emission electric vehicles, including incentive schemes and educational programs.

The partnership will also share information on electric vehicle (EV)development and examine the suitability of the North East infrastructure for the launch of EVs, as well as promoting Nissan’s Sunderland Plant as a strong contender for EV production. Although no commitment beyond the feasibility study has been made at this stage, the memorandum represents an important step in the potential launch of EVs in the U.K. in the near future.

“Nissan has made a clear commitment to lead the global automotive industry in the mass marketing of electric vehicles,” said Andy Palmer, responsible for Nissan’s global EV strategy. “To that end, the Renault-Nissan Alliance has formed strategic partnerships with a growing number of governments, cities and organizations. Today’s signing with One North East will advance the deployment of EVs worldwide and promotes the North East as a region ready and willing to embrace zero-emission mobility.”

Nissan plans to launch its first zero-emission EVs in Japan and the U.S. next year, before mass-marketing them globally from 2012.


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