Toronto, Ontario – A revolutionary new tire from Yokohama, manufactured with natural rubber and orange oil and targeted at the hybrid car market, establishes new standards for environmental responsibility while contributing to improved fuel economy and safety, the company said.

The Yokohama dB super E-spec tire, designed with ultra-low rolling resistance for enhanced fuel economy and reduced emissions, is the first of the new Eco-motion line of tires in Canada from the company. The first tires, in sizes for the Toyota Prius, will be available in Canada in October. Sizes to fit other hybrid vehicles will be added later this year.

Introduced in Japan in 2007, the dB super E-spec is manufactured with 80 per cent non-petroleum materials in a Japanese plant that boasts zero emissions.

“There are currently more than 25,000 hybrid vehicles on the road in Canada and that number is expanding daily,” said Jonathon Karelse, Yokohama Canada marketing executive. “Providing a replacement tire that meets these owners’ high expectations for environmental performance, from design to manufacture to use, puts Yokohama on the ground floor of a market that we think will only grow in size and importance.”

The tire features 11 to 22 per cent less rolling resistance than competitive tires in its class, helping to improve fuel economy even on hybrids, and in turn reducing the vehicle’s CO2 emissions. Orange oil, extracted from orange peel, is key to the tire’s wet and dry performance and safety, as it has a similar molecular architecture to natural rubber, also used in the dB super E-spec, making the tread compound more compliant for better traction in braking and concerning.

Other innovations include a new, lightweight and less air-permeable inner liner, and a design which minimizes tire noise for quiet operation.

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