Pompano Beach, Florida – A new power generator that creates grid-tied electricity from used motor oil has passed its first power-up test. Cyclone Power Technologies said that it has demonstrated the successful functionality of the Phoenix 10, the first-ever small-scale waste oil power generator, marking the commencement of full system performance and durability testing.

The Phoenix 10 is a renewable power system designed specifically for small businesses. Once in production, slated to commence later this year, the system will allow automotive service centres to recycle their used motor oil in an environmentally-friendly and profitable manner. The generator uses a clean-burning combustion chamber specifically designed for used motor oil. When coupled with a grid-tied generator, the system produces up to 10 kW of power that can offset a facility’s peak electricity consumption.

In tests, the Phoenix 10 running on used motor oil generated 30 per cent less sulphur dioxide and almost 50 per cent less NOx than a comparable generator running on diesel fuel.

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