Northbrook, Illinois – U.S. safety testing and certification company Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has announced a new set of requirements for indoor/outdoor cord sets for electric vehicles, which will help manufacturers produce safer and more efficient designs.

The new standard is just one of a growing number that UL is developing for electric vehicle product categories, including cords, charging stations, connectors and motors. The company also recently announced its intent to produce a new set of requirements for electric vehicle large batteries.

“The introduction of safety standards for electric vehicle components gives UL opportunities to collaborate with automotive manufacturers and influence design and development across the global electric vehicle industry,” said Gary Savin, general manager of UL power and controls business. “The steady increase in electric vehicle production and consumer acceptance will have tremendous benefits for the global economy and worldwide carbon footprint, but safety should be considered as new concepts are introduced.”

Cord sets allow charging electric vehicles at home or at public charging stations. Product safety testing will include stationary and portable cord sets, including the attached plug, flexible power cord, personnel protection circuitry, electric vehicle cable and vehicle connector. Electric vehicle components that bear the UL Mark are tested for overload protection, shock and flammability.

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