Ottawa, Ontario – A new federal report on natural gas use in the transportation sector highlights the competitiveness and environmental benefits of the fuel for trucks in key corridors and urban fleets in Canada, said the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance (CNGVA). The report results from work undertaken by the members of the Natural Gas Use in Transportation Roundtable.

The CNGVA noted the significant leadership demonstrated by Natural Resources Canada in bringing together fleet end users, environmental groups, government and industry to look at the best uses for natural gas in Canada’s transportation sector.

The key finding of the report was that trucking fleets operating along regional corridors and in urban areas improve their competitiveness and reduce their environmental impacts, while Canadian communities will benefit by the use of lower-emission natural gas refuse collection trucks and other commercial vehicles, and from local jobs created by Canadian companies supplying vehicle and station technologies.

“Operating natural gas trucks helps reduce one of our largest costs (fuel) and reduces our carbon footprint,” said Claude Robert, president and CEO of Robert Transport which recently purchased 180 natural gas trucks. “This is a win-win for both the environment and for fleets who adopt natural gas.”

Heavy trucks and buses, the focus of the report’s recommendations, represent less than five per cent of vehicles in Canada but contributed nearly one-third of carbon emissions from on-road vehicles in 2008.

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