Montreal, Quebec – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and Pollution Probe have teamed up to launch a first-of-its-kind primer to help drivers save fuel and reduce their environmental footprint.

The Primer on Automobile Fuel Efficiency and Emissions examines the various driving and technological factors that govern fuel efficiency, and provides drivers with a clear overview of strategies they can adopt to reduce fuel consumption.

“In polling CAA did a few weeks ago, Canadians told us they want to drive greener and they expect CAA to be a leader in showing them how,” said Jeff Walker, chief strategy officer for CAA. “This was a trend seen all throughout Canada, and especially in Quebec.”

To augment the primer, two brochures were also created. What You Can Do to Conserve Fuel and Reduce Emissions provides several eco-driving trips, including avoiding aggressive starts and stops; removing excess weight from vehicles; and installing a block heater, as engines burn 50 per cent more fuel in cold weather when they aren’t warmed up.

The second brochure, Busting Myths About Fuel Efficiency and Driving, explores the myths associated with fuel efficiency, including that it’s more fuel-efficient to use air conditioning on the highway than leaving the windows down, and that choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle means compromising safety.

The site, at CAA Primer, also includes an opportunity for drivers to quiz themselves on fuel efficiency, learn more about the science surrounding fuel efficiency, and to learn what governments and automakers are doing to address the issue.

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