Greenville, South Carolina – Michelin has announced its new Energy Saver passenger car tire, which the company said combines the benefits of an all-season, fuel-efficient tire without compromising performance benefits. It is one of the first all-season tires to combine low levels of rolling resistance with superior levels of wet braking and all-season performance.

Michelin Energy Saver Construction technology keeps the tire cooler, helping the engine to improve its fuel efficiency. It is up to 8 per cent more fuel efficient than other tires in its class, and can reduce a vehicle’s emissions by as much as 2,000 pounds of CO2.

“We developed this tire to meet a very distinctive consumer need and break the performance compromise of other competitive fuel-efficient tires,” said Rob Cunningham, brand category manager. “The Energy Saver A/S tire not only delivers the best fuel efficiency, it does so while lasting longer and stopping shorter than other fuel-efficient tires.”

The new tire is available in four tire sizes, including popular mainstream and hybrid vehicles, in 15- and 16-inch sizes.

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