Southfield, Michigan – A new line of advanced gaskets has been developed to meet the needs of “green” powertrains and their fluctuating high temperatures and dynamic mechanical loads. Federal-Mogul Corporation said that its advanced high temperature alloy (HTA) materials help to ensure reliable long-term exhaust sealing even in the most demanding conditions.

“The dominant strategy in the vehicle industry is to generate more power from smaller engines using turbocharging or other technologies that create extremely high exhaust gas temperatures,” said Gerard Chochoy, senior vice-president of powertrain sealing and bearings. “On some applications, we are fast approaching a point where today’s multi-layer stainless steel gaskets are being taken to the performance limits of their thermal and mechanical properties. New sealing systems are required, and Federal-Mogul has, with our new HTA gaskets and high temperature coating, an affordable, innovative, proven technical solution.”

Turbocharging and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) also present additional challenges by introducing more joint faces into the exhaust system. At these points, movement of the mating surfaces and flange distortion over the lifetime of the vehicle can be significant, and conventional gaskets can be ineffective, Chochoy said.

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