Merrillville, Indiana – Indiana Ethanol Power LLC (IEP) has begun contract negotiations to build the first facility in the U.S. to convert commercial municipal solid waste to ethanol. The plant will use a patented system, called the GeneSyst process, to produce 20 million gallons of fuel-grade ethanol and other products each year.

IEP is discussing the plan with the Lake County Solid Waste Management District, which has been searching for a sustainable use of solid waste.

“Thanks to the leadership of Governor Daniels, Indiana has long been on the forefront of alternative energy,” said Lt. Governor Becky Skillman. “This technology provides yet another source of alternative energy for our state and secures Indiana as a leader in the industry.”

The project has engaged two corporations to provide financing, and has also received support and a US$100,000 grant from the state’s Office of Energy & Defense Development. Construction on the project could begin in 2008 and should be completed within two years, with 120 to 130 employees hired to operate the facility.

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