Elkhart County, Indiana – Navistar has announced its new eStar all-electric medium-duty commercial truck and has confirmed that FedEx will receive the first full-production model.

The company is currently taking orders for the eStar and intends to deliver 400 units by the end of 2010.

The Class 2C-3 electric truck, the first in its category, has a range of 160 km per charge. It recharges fully in six to eight hours but contains a quick-change cassette-type battery that can be swapped in 20 minutes, allowing round-the-clock operation. Unlike other electric trucks that are reconfigured models of petroleum-powered trucks, the eStar has been purpose-built for electric propulsion, and has a payload of two tons.

“With the first eStar trucks coming off the production line today, Navistar is fully capable to support our customers through select dealers networked in our initial launch regions,” said Shane Terblanche, general manger of electric vehicles. “No other commercial electric vehicle competes with the eStar in terms of capacity, size and application. We believe that customers will love the eStar because of its capabilities as an electric vehicle and not have to change their fleet usage in order to meet the truck’s performance.”

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