eStar_1_LOWarrenville, Illinois – Navistar has launched its all-new eStar all-electric truck, with FedEx and Pacific Gas & Electric among the first to take delivery.

The new truck was launched one year after the company received a US$39.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop and deploy electric trucks. The company plans to build 400 units this year.

The company will initially sell the trucks through dealers in California and the Pacific Northwest, with additional dealers expected to open in the Midwest and East Coast within the next 45 days.

The Class 2C-3 truck is the first medium-duty commercial vehicle to receive certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a clean fuel fleet vehicle, as well as California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification as a zero-emissions vehicle. It has a range of up to 100 miles (160 km) per charge, making it ideal for many urban applications. Upon returning to its home base at the end of the day, it can be plugged in and fully recharged within six to eight hours.

Unlike other electric trucks that are reconfigured gasoline or diesel vehicles, the eStar is purpose-built for battery power. It includes a quick-change cassette-type battery that can be swapped out in 20 minutes for round-the-clock truck operation, and can carry payloads of up to two tons.

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