Montreal, Quebec – A program in the Montreal area allows residents to recycle vehicles 1995 and older in return for “green” options that include transit passes, bicycle or scooter credits, and discounts on car sharing.

Clear The Air!, a partner of the national Retire Your Ride car recycling program, will run in the Montreal area until March 31, 2011, thanks to support from the City of Montreal and the main public transit systems in the metropolitan area.

Those who turn in their vehicles for recycling will receive six months of public transit passes (TRAM Zones 1 to 8), a $490 credit towards the purchase of a bicycle, electric bicycle or electric scooter, or a $700 credit towards the purchase of an EVT scooter available from Ecomoto, and a discount on the Communauto car-sharing service. Participants can also receive $300 in cash instead of the transit passes if preferred.

Car owners can register for the program by visiting Faitesdelair or calling 1-888-819-7330.

Clear The Air! said that 1995 and older vehicles were selected because they account for 10 per cent of all cars on the road in Quebec, but are responsible for half the vehicle pollution.

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