Tokyo, Japan – Mitsubishi has agreed to support the Netherlands in its electric vehicle (EV) promotion program, which will include providing the country with i-MiEV electric vehicles.

In June, the Netherlands government launched a subsidy program to provide incentives for EV evaluation trials and demonstration projects, and is working on popularization of the EV as a method of sustainable transportation. Mitsubishi has been asked to support the country’s “E-Team” task force, composed of government and private sector members to explore the issue.

In September, Mitsubishi delivered an i-MiEV to the Netherlands Embassy in Japan, the first time it has delivered one of the vehicles to an embassy located in Japan.

The automaker has already concluded memorandums of understanding with the governments of Monaco, Iceland and Hong Kong regarding testing and promotion of EVs, and has supplied i-MiEVS to them.

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