Tokyo, Japan – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has partnered with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), a program of the William J. Clinton Foundation, to promote the popularity of electric vehicles.

The company said the move signifies its commitment to its Mitsubishi Group Environmental Vision 2020, an environmental policy that proactively collaborates with various partners in creating a low-carbon society.

The move is also part of the C40 Electric Vehicle Network, announced on December 16 at the Climate Summit for Mayors in Copenhagen. CCI is the implementation partner of the C40, a group of cities committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the world’s largest cities have committed to collectively address the key areas of municipal action critical to the successful introduction of electric vehicles. Mitsubishi has agreed to work with the CCI and the C40 Electric Vehicle Network to help promote electric vehicle policies, vehicle procurement and infrastructure decisions through advice on vehicle specifications, charging parameters and incentives.

Mitsubishi’s stated goal is to have 20 per cent of total production as either electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles by 2020.

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