Tokyo, Japan – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has developed an electric vehicle (EV) charging system for apartment complexes, in conjunction with Japan Delivery System Corporation (JDS), which constructs and sells “delivery box” locker systems for package deliveries when tenants are not at home. The system, called i-Charger, will be sold by JDS starting from December 1, 2009.

Installation and management of EV charging infrastructure for shared parking lots of apartment complexes is an impediment to the popularity of the vehicles in Japan. The i-Charger solves the problem by using the existing delivery box system. The current system, which was introduced into the apartment building market 15 years ago and is often installed in new buildings, notifies the tenant when a package has arrived and has been secured in the locker; the tenant uses a PIN code or verification card to open the locker and retrieve the package.

The i-Charger uses the authentication capability of the delivery box system, and manages who, when, and how much electricity was used, making it easy for apartment complex supervisors to sort out electricity usage of the building’s tenants. There are also plans to produce a stand-alone unit that is not dependent on the delivery box model.

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