Vancouver, British Columbia – Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (MMSCAN) has presented three all-electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV cars to the City of Vancouver and BC Hydro for testing and evaluation.

“This is a first in every sense of the word,” said Tomoki Yanagawa, vice-president of sales/marketing and corporate planning for MMSCAN. “The i-MiEV is the world’s first highway-capable, mass-production electric car. It’s a first for Vancouver, and a first for North America. This is history in the making.”

The event marks the first time that regular production all-electric vehicles, designed and built by a major international manufacturer, have been put into service on public roads in North America. Customers in Japan were able to purchase the i-MiEV last summer, making it the world’s first mass-production electric vehicle to go into production and on sale.

“As we get ready for the increased use of plug-in vehicles, it is very important to know how the cars will interact with BC Hydro’s grid and what their charging requirements will be,” said Bob Elton, president and CEO of BC Hydro. “The i-MiEV will help us answer some of these questions while serving as a symbol of BC Hydro’s leadership in the demonstration of electric vehicles.”

The i-MiEV, which stands for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle, can be charged with a standard 110-volt wall socket or 220-volt dryer-type socket commonly found in Canada. Charging time is approximately 14 hours on 110-volt, and six hours on 220-volt. Collaborative research and development with several power companies has led to the development of a quick-charging system capable of recharging the battery to 80 per cent capacity in 30 minutes.

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