NY18312Los Angeles, California – Mercedes-Benz has delivered its first U.S. F-CELL hydrogen-powered vehicle to a California resident. Vance Van Petten took delivery of his B-Class F-CELL in Newport Beach.

Van Petten, executive director of the Producers Guild of America, is one of a select group of people participating in a Mercedes-Benz lease program for the hydrogen-powered vehicles. As part of the program, the vehicles will also be used to provide driving data to the U.S. Department of Energy to support its Hydrogen to the Highways program.

Out of the numerous applicants for the program, Mercedes-Benz selected those with access to the limited number of hydrogen fuelling stations currently available. The car, which takes approximately three minutes to refuel, uses a fuel cell stack to generate electricity and a lithium-ion battery for energy storage. It delivers driving performance comparable to a similar conventional car while using about half the fuel, the company said, and emits only water vapour as a byproduct of the fuel cell system.

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