Hiroshima, Japan – Mazda Motor Corporation has developed a new process for recycling used vehicle bumpers into raw plastic resin for use in new bumpers. The company said that it is the world’s first system capable of recycling bumpers from different manufacturers at the same time.

The new system also uses an automated process to remove metal attachments, significantly increasing recycling efficiency. The bumpers are crushed into pellets, and a machine shakes them and directs airflow over them to remove metal pieces.

Mazda became an industry leader in bumper recycling when it began processing bumpers from its own end-of-life vehicles collected through its dealer network in Japan. The new technology can recycle all types and makes of bumpers, removing the need for separate collection systems for each automaker’s product, which can vary in the materials and paint used. The single automated process combines all the recycling stages, from crushing used bumpers to reproducing raw materials, and uses force to crush the bumper pellets and remove the paint, without having to heat the plastic.

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