Frankfort, Kentucky – A consortium dedicated to lithium ion battery research and production has announced it has selected a site in Kentucky for a proposed manufacturing and headquarters facility.

The National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Batteries (NAATBatt) has chosen Glendale, Kentucky as the home for a potential investment of more than US$600 million to develop a first-of-its-kind manufacturing facility for lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery cells. NATTBatt is a not-for-profit industry consortium of more than 50 corporations, associations and research institutions, dedicated to making the U.S. a world leader in the manufacture of advanced Li-Ion battery cells for transportation applications.

Under the federal stimulus plan, the U.S. administration has set aside US$2 billion for electric drive vehicle battery and component manufacturing projects. If successful in securing federal funding, NAATBatt would establish a manufacturing campus in Glendale, including a headquarters facility, a manufacturing facility to refine products and production processes, and a larger operation designed for mass battery manufacturing.

Alliance members in the consortium would have the ability to run trials to demonstrate and validate their own technology, on a cost-share basis with the rest of the alliance.

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