Seoul, South Korea – An electric vehicle technology company based in South Korea has announced plans to produce electric vehicles in the U.S., establishing North American headquarters, an R&D centre and several manufacturing facilities.

CT&T Company plans to build its e-Zone and c-Zone electric vehicles in the United States, employing 2,600 workers and marketing an entire product line of electric vehicles (EVs) and batteries. The company is looking at potential sites in South Carolina, Georgia, North Caroline, Alabama and California and said it is committed to having a major presence in the Southeastern and West Coast regions.

The company will produce and market “city drive”, mid-speed, high-speed and utility electric vehicles, along with lead acid, advanced lead acid, lithium polymer and lithium ion batteries for domestic and export markets.

“We are accelerating our plans to become a major investor in zero emissions vehicle technologies in the U.S.,” said president and CEO Young Gi Lee. “CT&T has become a category leader because of our advanced technology, plus we offer a solution to the primary barrier to consumer adoption of electric vehicles by offering EVs at affordable prices.”

The company said that by the fourth quarter of 2009, it expects to begin selling c-Zone utility EVs for commercial and government applications, along with the e-Zone City Drive EVs. Fully-equipped vehicles will range from US$8,000 to $16,000.

CT&T recently submitted proposals to work with the Department of Energy (DOE) to accelerate the implementation of battery, electric motor drive and electric vehicle technologies. The DOE is expected to announce its plans regarding these proposals later this summer. The company has also announced a joint venture with PUES Corporation of Tokyo for the development and production of inverters and new technology in-wheel motors in Japan.

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