Leipzig, Germany – The International Transport Forum, which met last week in Leipzig, is calling for a strategic approach to meeting the energy and climate change challenge, based on a package of policy measures.

Secretary General Jack Short highlighted the growing challenge to find the right balance between supporting the economic drivers of trade and mobility and reducing transport’s energy intensity and emissions. Regarding the sector’s overwhelming dependence on oil (95% of transport’s energy is based on oil) the worldwide growth of transport and the necessity to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions of the transport sector, Short called for a low-carbon transport system “as soon as possible”.

This includes technology development, strengthened research into new technology and fuels, increased use of information technology and integrated mobility management as well as a wide variety of non-technology policy tools with potential to improve economic efficiency and reduce emissions.

At the 2008 International Transport Forum were representatives from 53 countries, amongst them for the first time a delegation from India. Almost 900 participants as well as more than 100 journalists from 12 countries followed the three-day conference with high-ranking keynote speakers, workshops, panels, an exhibition, and the Open Forum.

“Transport and Globalization” will be the theme of the next International Transport Forum, May 27 to 29, 2009 in Leipzig.

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