Oslo, Norway – HyNor, Norway’s “hydrogen highway”, has officially opened with a ceremony at a hydrogen station in Oslo. The highway was opened by the HyNor Partnership and StatoilHydro, which operates the service station where the newest hydrogen refuelling system is located.

Since 2003, StatoilHydro has been the driving force behind HyNor’s goal to establish a hydrogen transportation infrastructure along the route between Oslo and Stavanger, which is almost 600 km. The first hydrogen station was opened at Forus in Stavanger in 2006, the second in Porsgrunn in 2007. Two new stations are now open in Oslo and Lier.

HyNor has some 50 partners and manages a fleet of more than 50 hydrogen vehicles, made by Mazda, Toyota and Think.

“We are very pleased to open up this hydrogen infrastructure for testing and demonstrating hydrogen cars,” said Anne Marit Hansen, chairman of the board in HyNor. “By doing this, we nurture our ambition to help implement hydrogen as a fuel in the transport sector.”

The highway’s official opening was marked by a rally, including 14 hydrogen vehicles, two plug-in hybrid cars and 14 battery electric vehicles starting in Oslo and finishing in Stavanger. An additional ten battery electric vehicles joined the rally along the route.


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