Toronto, Ontario – Ontario’s Hydro One electric utility has earned a gold rating from Canada’s Energy, Environment and Excellence (E3) Group for improving the fuel efficiency and environmental management of its fleet of service vehicles.

The E3 Fleet Program is an initiative run by British Columbia’s Fraser Basin Council, a Vancouver-based non-profit organization that works with companies and governments to increase fuel efficiency and reduce the carbon footprints of their fleets. The program auditors noted the rating should encourage other companies to demonstrate leadership in fleet management excellence.

Hydro One’s gold rating was based on the reduction of 156,675 kilograms of carbon dioxide through reduced idling, tire smart campaigns, the use of hybrids, purchasing more fuel-efficient vehicles, and overall reduced consumption of gasoline and diesel. All aspects of Hydro One’s fleet strategy were reviewed; the utility has 6,000 pieces of equipment, ranging from ATVs to helicopters.

Hydro One’s strategies include ensuring all drivers learn and apply environmentally-friendly driving tips; minimized idling; on-board collection and analysis of vehicle data through GPS; and use of mapping technologies for more efficient routing.

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