Montreal, Quebec – Clean Air Champions (CAC) today announced a major two-year funding partnership with Honda Canada and the earthdreams program, created by the Honda Racing F1 Team. Clean Air Champions (CAC) is a Canadian charity that works with respected athletes to educate and inspire Canadians to adopt practices and lifestyles that enhance personal and
environmental health. The Champions are made up of over 120 national team, Olympic and Paralympic athletes, each passionate about our environment and the health of Canadians.

CAC’s school program, Clean Air Achievers (CAA), is at the centre of this new partnership. Honda Canada and earthdreams have committed up to $200,000 CDN to the program over the next two years. The funds provided will expand the CAA program into three new provinces, including Quebec, 14 new cities and 100 new schools.

CAA targets youth in grades 6 to 9 and educates them about the interconnections between air quality, climate change and health. It currently runs in five provinces. The program’s two main goals are (1) to encourage youth to choose less polluting forms of travel and (2) to increase their level of physical fitness by walking, rolling or cycling to their destinations.

This new partnership is a joint funding agreement between Honda Canada and earthdreams. Honda Canada introduced CAC to earthdreams and, at the same time, is extending its own existing partnership with the charity. Honda Canada has been a proud sponsor of the Clean Air Achievers’ Program for the last two years.

earthdreams is a global initiative that is supporting and empowering a range of environmental projects. earthdreams’ global network of environmental projects focuses on the themes of mobility, technology, sustainability and education. earthdreams plans to be supporting 30 projects worldwide by 2009. Clean Air Champions becomes the ninth earthdreams project partner.

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