São Paulo, Brazil – Honda’s subsidiary in Brazil has begun production of the City FFV (fuel flexible vehicle) for domestic sales. The company will also export the model to other countries in South America and to Mexico starting from September 2009.

Brazil relies heavily on ethanol made from sugarcane; it is estimated that as many as half of all vehicles in the country use the fuel.

City is the third model produced by Honda in Brazil, following the Civic, which began production in 1997, and the Fit, in 2003. The City FFV starts at the equivalent of US$29,600, and the company plans to sell 17,000 units this year.

The City FFV is based on the third-generation City, currently sold in Thailand and other countries, with some adaption specifically for the needs of the Brazilian market. Cumulative sales of the City now exceed 1.2 million units over 45 countries worldwide.

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