Sacramento, California – The world’s first home ethanol system, a production model that produces ethanol fuel from organic waste, has been unveiled in California. The MicroFueler, a household appliance-sized unit, is built by E-Fuel Corporation. 

Since the prototype’s unveiling in May 2008, the MicroFueler has undergone improvements that will enable consumers and businesses to produce energy where it is consumed. The units will start shipping to California consumers in July.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California plans to install a MicroFueler this year and use its beer waste to power its vehicles, while the State of California’s Department of General Services is also exploring a pilot program to test the MicroFueler with its flex-fuel vehicles.

The MicroFueler, which is 60 per cent smaller and 80 per cent lighter than the original concept unit, is capable of processing various organic waste material, as well as cellulosic and algae feedstocks. The company has also expanded its product line with the GridBuster electric generator, which can be used with the MicroFueler to produce electricity off the grid.

The MicroFueler will retail for US$9,995, and may have significant federal, state and local rebates available.

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