Ottawa, Ontario – Husky Energy and the chairman of GreenField Ethanol have been named the recipients of the 2010 Green Fuels Awards. The awards are presented by the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association to honour pioneers in the development and commercialization of low-carbon renewable fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel.

Husky Energy received the Fuel Change Award for achievement in promoting the use of renewable fuels in Canada. The company is Western Canada’s largest ethanol producer, and its Husky and Mohawk retail outlets market ethanol-blended gasoline under the Mother Nature’s Fuel brand. Husky opened an ethanol plant in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan in 2006 and one in Minnedosa, Manitoba in 2007, both with a capacity of 130 million litres per year.

Ken Field, chairman of GreenField Ethanol, received the Green Fuels Industry Award for dedication to the advancement of renewal fuels in Canada. Field founded GreenField Ethanol, formerly Commercial Alcohols, in 1989. The company has grown to become the largest manufacturer and distributor of fuel ethanol, industrial alcohol and alcohol-related products in Canada.

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