Chevy_Volt_MPV5_Exterior_02Beijing, China – Chevrolet has introduced its Volt MPV5 electric concept at the Auto China show, a five-passenger multi-purpose crossover that uses the Voltec extended-range propulsion system.

The Volt MPV5 borrows design and aerodynamic cues from the Volt sedan, adding an aerodynamic closed grille, full-body belly pan, rocker cladding, creased taillamps and specially-designed blades on the rear quarter. The intense focus on improved aerodynamics enables greater all-electric range.

“The Volt MPV5 concept takes the efficient design of the Chevrolet Volt and adapts it to the family vehicle crossover segment,” said Bob Boniface, director of GM North American crossover exterior design. “It is immediately recognizable as a true member of the Chevrolet family.”

Boniface’s team worked in conjunction with members of GM’s design studio in  Australia on the Volt MPV5 concept.

The Voltec system enables the Volt MPV5 concept to meet full vehicle speed and acceleration requirements, providing up to 51.5 kilometres on pure electric propulsion. This is double what the average urban commuter in China travels each day. When the battery is depleted, a 1.4-litre engine generator sustains the battery charge and provides up to 482 km of electric propulsion.

“The Volt MPV5 concept demonstrates the flexibility of the Voltec propulsion system, which can produce enough electric power to propel a range of vehicles, from a compact sedan like the Volt to a crossover like the Volt MPV5 concept,” said Doug Parks, global vehicle chief engineer for electric vehicles at GM.

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