Washington, D.C. – General Motors has outlined a comprehensive plan of action to help communities get ready for plug-in electric vehicles, such as the upcoming Chevrolet Volt.  GM announced the plan at the Washington Auto Show.

“Collaborating with communities such as San Francisco and metropolitan areas such as Washington, D.C., where there’s already an interest in plug-in vehicles, is another important step toward raising customer awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of vehicles such as the Volt,” said Ed Peper, GM North American vice-president of Chevrolet.

GM said it is working with key stakeholders, including governments, electric utilities, regulators, public utility commissions, permitting and code officials, local employers, Clean Cities coalitions, universities, and early electric vehicle adopters.

Challenges that need to be addressed include consumer incentives, public and workplace charging infrastructure, electricity rates, renewable electricity options, government and corporate vehicle purchases, and supportive permits and codes for vehicle charging, as well as incentives such as high-occupany-vehicle (HOV) lane access.

The automaker said that more than 30 prototype vehicles powered by lithium-ion battery packs are undergoing testing at GM’s Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan.

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