Chicago, Illinois – A French-based battery recycling technology company has established a U.S. joint venture to develop local recycling for batteries, including those used in electric vehicles.

France’s Recupyl has joined with Michigan-based Battery Solutions to form a new company, Recupyl Battery Solutions. The company will run two mechanical lines for both alkaline and lithium-ion batteries, with a total capacity of five million pounds per year, at a facility in Brighton, Michigan. The plant is expected to open in the second quarter of 2010.

While Recupyl initially specialized in portable batteries such as for phones or laptops, the new company will also focus on electric vehicle batteries, including processing scraps. The development is possible due to new technologies in recycling advanced electrode materials, such as those found in hybrid and electric vehicle batteries, which will lead to a significant increase in demand. The process turns waste into “new mine” resources and transforms scrap into materials for reuse.

Recupyl is currently focused on deploying multiple facilities worldwide, instead of sending all used batteries to a single centralized facility. The company already has plants in Poland, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and France.

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