Plymouth, Michigan – Two former Chrysler executives have joined the board of directors of ALTe LLC, a Michigan-based company developing a range-extended electric vehicle (REEV) powertrain for vehicle conversions, according to a report by the Green Car Congress.

Former Chrysler Group president and CEO Tom LaSorda has joined as ALTe’s lead director and investor, while Steven Landry, previously Chrysler’s executive vice-president of North American sales and marketing, will assist with dealer and business development.

The REEV system is designed to replace a base V8 internal combustion engine; the company said it improves fuel economy from 80 to 200 per cent. The modular system can be expanded or contracted depending on the vehicle type, and can be applied to vehicles using any type of fuel.

The company’s initial focus is on light- to medium-duty fleets, such as taxis, which will benefit the most from converting older, out-of-warranty vehicles from gasoline to the REEV powertrain platform.

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