Washington, D.C. – Toyota and Ford both saw strong gains in hybrid sales in March 2010 when compared with March 2009, while Honda reported a decrease, according to a report by the Green Car Congress.

Toyota hybrid sales grew by 21.6 per cent to 16,714 units, while Ford reported sales of 3,050 units, an increase of 69.3 per cent from March 2009. Honda reported a decrease of 22.2 per cent to 2,231 vehicles. Overall, Toyota’s total light-duty sales increased by 40.7 per cent; Ford by 42.7 per cent; and Honda by 22.5 per cent.

Toyota remained the leading hybrid seller in the U.S., led by the Prius, which rose 32.1 per cent to 11,786 units. The Camry Hybrid was down 39.4 per cent to 1,549 units, while the Highlander Hybrid dropped by 42.7 per cent to 594 vehicles.

Lexus RX hybrid sales rose by 7.4 per cent to 1,251 units, while the GS hybrid dropped 26.2 per cent to 31 units, and the LS 600h by 64 per cent to nine units. The new Lexus HS 250h sold 1,494 units.

Ford sold 1,266 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner hybrids, down 6.3 per cent from March 2009. The Fusion and Milan hybrid sedans, which went on sale in March 2009, rose 295.6 per cent to 1,784 units.

Sales of the Honda Civic Hybrid dropped by 79,8 per cent to 579 units, while sales of the Insight went up 190.3 per cent to 1,652 units.

Other companies, including General Motors, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz and BMW have not yet provided sales figures for their hybrid vehicles.

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