Wallingford, Connecticut – The first station has opened in a chain of hydrogen fuelling stations that will allow motorists to travel from Maine to Florida using the fuel.

Proton Energy Systems, an on-site hydrogen generation company, and its sister company SunHydro, an upcoming chain of hydrogen stations, announced the grand opening of the first station in Wallingford, Connecticut.

The first station will have limited public access initially, with full public access in the future. It will offer businesses and government vehicles the ability to fill up fuel cell vehicles and will provide the infrastructure to support broader availability of fuel cell vehicles, which the companies said is expected in 2015.

Last August, SunHydro announced an agreement with Toyota to place ten Toyota advanced fuel cell hybrid vehicles in the Connecticut area this fall. The vehicles will support the new station as part of a nationwide fuel cell demonstration program that will place more than 100 vehicles over the next three years. The ten vehicles will be kept in Connecticut and used by SunHydro and Proton Energy staff and other community members.

The station is powered by a system that generates hydrogen on-site using Proton Energy’s proton exchange membrane to derive hydrogen from water.

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