Turin, Italy – Fiat is launching a new 1.4-litre turbocharged gasoline engine equipped with the company’s new MultiAir system, which controls air and combustion to produce more power with less fuel and fewer emissions. The new engine will appear on the Alfa Romeo MiTo in September.

The MiTo, which will also feature a start-and-stop system that shuts off the engine at idle, will mark the first production engine using the MultiAir system, which was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show earlier in 2009.

MultiAir is an electro-hydraulic valve timing system that provides dynamic and direct control of air and combustion, cylinder by cylinder and stroke by stroke. The system helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions by direct control of the air through the engine intake valves, without using the throttle.

Fiat said that when compared to a traditional gasoline engine with the same displacement, MultiAir engines offer up to 10 per cent more power, up to 15 per cent improvement in low-rpm torque, up to 10 per cent fuel consumption, and reductions of up to 10 per cent of CO2, 40 per cent hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide, and 60 per cent NOx. On a turbocharged version, fuel savings could be as high as 25 per cent.

MultiAir can be applied to all gasoline engines, and Fiat Powertrain is considering potential development on diesel engines as well.

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